My Top Gender Education Resources

Hands down, the biggest step towards finding  peace of mind with my loved one’s gender transition was through educating myself.

After all, up until this point I had not given much thought to gender.  Obviously I had heard about people being transgender.  I didn’t have any problem with the idea of people changing their gender, it was a non-issue for me personally. But then, nobody in my world had done so.

As time passed I found a certain level of fear and uneasiness had settled in because there was just too much unknown. The brain doesn’t do well with things it cannot categorize. When the brain can’t grasp something it creates fear in an attempt to keep you safe.  It wants to separate you from the unknown. It creates distance.  It throws up barriers.

I needed to learn, I wanted to understand. I began researching gender, reading books, scanning the internet, watching all the you tubes, etc.  The more I understood, the more comfortable I became and my acceptance expanded on so many levels. I could  feel a sense of relief and my unease diminishing.

I have compiled my list of top resources for educating ourselves, our family and friends.  They are multimedia sources including websites, online courses, books, and a documentary, all of which lay down a good base of understanding and knowledge. They are perfect for sharing with friends and family who have unanswered questions.  I hope you will create your own library and expand your understanding, acceptance and peace. 

Click here to download:   My Top Resources


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