Coaching for parents of transgender and gender non-conforming children. (of all ages)

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You Can Feel Better Now

Your child has told you that they do not agree with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Your brain is running overtime to try to anticipate what is to come.

Thoughts and emotions are flooding you with fear, confusion, overwhelm, and sadness.

All of this leaves you feeling vulnerable and you find yourself compensating with protective Mama bear mentality, alternating with times of emotional overwhelm.

You may also have trouble accepting your child as they are, and you find yourself hoping it’s just a phase.

If you are ready to be done with the inner turmoil, you are in the right place.

I work with parents like you, to stop the emotional and mental anxiety.

I teach you how to start feeling better now so you can create the future you want for your child, your family and yourself.

  • After working with Margot, I feel hopeful again.  I was at a loss and didn't know where to turn for help and support.  I now have tools and know how to move forward in building a new relationship with my child.  Thank You!

  • I was living in fear and confusion and found my way out with Margot's help.  Wow!  She has truly helped our family find a new way of being with this journey we are on.

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